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ASLK12 Sensor and ECU Test Lead Kit

ASLK12 Sensor and ECU Test Lead Kit

  • $ 229.00

  • The ultimate kit for the professional automotive and heavy-duty diagnostic technician
  • Comes with wide range of connection leads for quick and easy diagnosis of faults on most sensors/ valves/ solenoids/ actuators/ injectors/ starter circuit/ ignition coil, etc. on North American, Asian, and European cars and vehicles.
  • Includes both “straight through” leads, and “Y-style” leads for quick connection of meters or scopes.
  • Easily enables the active measurement/analysis of passive or live circuits. Just unplug the sensor or actuator in question, connect the appropriate adapter leads to all pins, and begin measuring, or power up the vehicle or circuit to test live.
  • Measure up to 4 separate circuits simultaneously of any connector size.
  • Saves setup time for quicker diagnosis.
  • Complete with guide to which adapter lead sizes to use on which car makes
  • Suitable for applications on heavy trucks, agricultural vehicles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and ATVs.
  • The use of standard banana pin sockets allows easy & fast connection of DVMs or automotive oscilloscopes.

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