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OBDIIEC1 OBD Extension Cable with LED Light & Voltage Display

  • $ 49.99

  • Quick & easy to establish the voltage on the J1962 Data Link Connector.

  • No time-consuming back- probing with a multi-meter necessary.

  • Includes LED Light for Locating the DLC.

  • This cable can be used on passenger cars (12V) type-A and type-B trucks (24V) OBDII connector.


1 meter (39.3”) OBD extension cable with:

  • Live voltage meter on OBD Female connector

  • LED Guide Lamp on OBD Male connector

Extends the OBD data link connection (DLC) for ease of voltage monitoring during scanner diagnosis and critical programming process.

Quick and easy check of the voltage on the Data Link Connector (OBD port)


  • Voltage measurement: 8.0 to 33.3 V

  • Minimum tolerance: 0.1

  • Maximum tolerance: 0.3

  • Overall length: 1m (39.3”)

  • Battery: 3V CR1220

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