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AMFTLK12 Multi-Function Test Lead Kit

AMFTLK12 Multi-Function Test Lead Kit

  • $ 299.00

The Strategic Tools & Equipment Multi-Function Test Lead Kit, No. AMFTLK12, provides technicians assistance with vehicle electrical fault-finding work. This kit is designed as entry-level kit for general-purpose electrical fault finding applications and includes 12/24VDC function test device for polarity, conductivity, component activation, trailer light test and more. The kit features a magnetic base fault-finding lamp with integrated buzzer assists with finding short circuits, and contains selection of most important test leads, allowing the technician to mix and match, to connect to and test nearly any circuit, system, vehicle or diagnostic tool. Tools in this kit allow for fast and easy connection of test lamps, multimeters, oscilloscopes and/or other diagnostic equipment with standard banana pin connections. Other features include updated-design Maxi, ATC, and Mini fuse adapters to work on live circuits. Quickly measure voltage and/or current in a specific circuit; simply remove the fuse and inserting the adapters. The kit also includes “needle style” back-probes for probing the back side of connectors, useful in determining if a connector is at fault, or monitoring signals from large, multi-pin connectors; as well as an insulation piercing probe for probing signals on a wire where a connector is not accessible for measurement.

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