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CACB1123 Mini Battery Charger with Memory Saver

CACB1123 Mini Battery Charger with Memory Saver

  • $ 299.00

This is the ultimate 12A mini battery charger for all types of automotive batteries, including the latest Enhanced Flooded and Lithium batteries.

Fast, safe and smart!

Complete with OBDII cable vehicle battery memory saver.

Features & Specifications:

  • Ultra lightweight, slim design.

  • Measures 9.1” x 5.2” x 2.7”, and weighs just 1.85 pounds.

  • Microprocessor control charges all battery types in one charger.

  • 9 step smart charging for AGM/ GEL/ conventional, including start-stop batteries.

  • Smart charging for Enhanced Flooded batteries.

  • 4 step Lithium battery charging.

  • Safety features: Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Spark Proof, Overload, Overheating & Automatic Stop

  • Heavy-duty alligator clamps

  • OBDII car data saver as standard

  • Can be left connected for long periods, including for transmission overhaul.




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