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ABFT11 Brake Fluid Tester

ABFT11 Brake Fluid Tester

  • $ 79.00

This easy-to-use tool measures the moisture level in automotive brake fluid quickly and conveniently. It gives brake fluid “health” status clearly and instantly. Use this tool to alert drivers to the need for brake fluid service. Different types of brake fluid have different boiling points and electrical characteristics. Unless the correct brake fluid type is selected,
there is a risk of a false reading. This brake fluid tester allows the technician to pre-select the correct fluid type. Not intended for use on new brake fluid. Also available with printer. The ABFT12
comes with an LCD screen and intuitive interactive display. It has the ability to store the results of a test. The record can be retrieved later, to show a customer that a vehicle’s brake fluid needs to be changed.
  • Supports DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5.1 brake fluid
  • Tool automatically selects DOT3
  • Simply push the button to switch to DOT4 or DOT5.1
  • Easy to understand status indicators:
  • Green = under 1% water content
  • First yellow light = water content between 1% and 1.5%
  • Red = more than 3% water content
  • Second red light = water content is more than 4%
  • Red lights indicate an immediate brake fluid change is needed!