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AVRPM12 Sensor and ECU Simulator Test Probe

  • $ 199.00

The ultimate sensor and ECU simulator test probe.

Saves time and money when testing components for faults, rendering changing components unnecessary.


Eliminates trial and error and saves time and money when testing vehicle components for faults. This makes it unnecessary to change many components prior to confirming whether they are faulty.

  • Ensures that the test voltage being applied to a component is accurate and correct.
  • Apply the test voltage on the ECU side without fear of ECU damage.
  • Confirm using an oscilloscope or scan tool that the correct voltage is being applied to that circuit / sensor and also if the component is being activated.
  • By-pass the component and send the desired voltage directly to the ECU to simulate sensor operation and permit you to fault code removal.
  • LED displays vehicle voltage and provides low battery voltage warning.
  • Selected applications: Accelerator pedal (5.0V), Diesel regulator valve (1.0V), Throttle bodies, Camshaft sensor, Crankshaft sensor, MAF sensor, MAP sensor.


  • Voltage range: 0.5 to 7.0VDC in 0.5V increments. Controlled by switch on probe housing.
  • Vehicle voltage: Compatible with 12V and 24V systems. Automatically senses vehicle voltage.
  • Maximum output: 1.5A.


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