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ATLK130S - MegaTest Flexi ™ 130 Piece General-Purpose Diagnostic Connector Kit

ATLK130S - MegaTest Flexi ™ 130 Piece General-Purpose Diagnostic Connector Kit

  • $ 299.00

  • The most comprehensive general-purpose kit for electrical or electronic testing on cars/ trucks/ tractors/ motorcycles/ ATVs/ boats, recreational vehicles, etc. Any technician working on any vehicle can use this kit.
  • Contains male and female blade and round terminal sizes that mate with 90+% of all automotive connectors in use on vehicles. Allows technicians to quickly connect to, and analyze, voltage, current, impedance, and continuity.
  • Includes Application Guide as to specific terminal sizes are used by each manufacturer.
  • Adapter connectors are compatible with the vast majority of sensors/ valves/ solenoids/ actuators/ injectors/ starter circuits/ ignition coils, wire har­ness connectors, ECMs, control modules, etc. on North American, Asian, and European vehicles.
  • Includes 10K potentiometer for simulating sensor loads, or for modifying circuit resistance
  • Includes airbag squib simulators, allowing disconnection of airbags to service other items without creating troublesome airbag fault codes should power be accidentally applied while the airbags are disconnected.
  • Includes "needle style" probes for back-probing connectors to determine connector integrity, or for probing signals on large, multi-pin connectors.
  • Includes insulation piercing probes for accessing those wires/circuits where connectors are inaccessible.
  • Includes stackable banana leads for easy connection of multiple test instruments or circuits, and especially useful when using oscilloscopes.
  • Combination LED Test Lamp/Strobe illuminates Red or Green, depending on polarity.  Use to test power and continuity, and/or pulse operation, such as on injectors.
  • Dramatically reduces setup and diagnostic time for electrical/electronic troubleshooting



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