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AIOBD13 - Diagnostic Tool and Intermittent Fault Finder for Smartphones and Tablets

  • $ 159.00

The most advanced device includes finding intermittent faults. ONE device works on both iPhone AND Android devices. Software AND updates free of charge.

This device plugs into the vehicle data link connector and communicates via Bluetooth with either a mobile phone or a tablet computer. Now this concept is a powerful professional tool. Now also with HUD function.

Very powerful unique new hardware design records up to 300 hours of driving history. Fault codes only occurring when the vehicle is being driven are displayed graphically for analysis on a smart phone or tablet. No need to download the report onto a computer.

Around 100 different parameters can be selected for recording at a sampling rate of 500ms. Includes OBD and enhanced fault codes.

In addition to the data recording feature, use it in the workshop to read and delete vehicle fault codes, read live data streams on many parameters, freeze frames for analysis later, customize a vehicle dashboard, and save reports on test history. Various vehicle component and systems tests are supported. In addition, vehicle speed, fuel consumption, temperature, engine capacity, torque, power, etc. may be displayed.

The tool can also be used for real-time data display when the vehicle is being driven.

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